Digital sky

Ok, so you already know I was on Lipscani yesterday. it was an interesting foggy afternoon. but after a while, all light fell so I went for a pint at the local pub. When I came out I didn’t even think of taking any pictures – my camera was already tucked away in the bag.

all of a sudden, the whole street glows red. I turned round and couldn’t believe my eyes, when i saw the whole sky changing colors. I quickly grabbed my camera and clicked away. the fog was dispersing the colors of a nearby LCD screed (a huge one) transforming the whole sky into one huge canvas. i had to wait for the green quite some time, but in the end it was worth it. hope you feel the same.

* just to be sure, i did not photoshop the colors of these pictures in any way 😉 , just stitched them together.

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