A classical evening

My girlfriend has season tickets to the Athenaeum and of course I try to go along each time I can. This thursday they had a nice program I simply could not miss.

Ives – Question without answer
Gershwin – Concerto in Fa
Bernstein – West side story
J. Williams – „Jurassic Parc”, „Schindler’s list”, „Indiana Jones”

It was a great program, but as always, I could not wait for the scheduled pause. I love the Athenaeum, but I hate their chairs. It seems to me these have been designed as a torture object, rather than a comfortable and pleasant resting device.

I always take this opportunity to do some people watching. People’s faces are amazing and you won’t believe the diversity you can find in there. One can spot the rich by their fur coats and expensive jewelery. But the beauty of the Athenaeum is that it brings all classes of society together. Young mountaineers you spot by their muddy hiking boots. Corporate business men by their worn out suits. Elderly people, been drawn to this place for more than fifty years…. and then weirdos like me, roaming around with no particular purpose…

After the concert was over, I took the opportunity to take some more snaps, since there was no reason for me to wrestle my way to the wardrobe. I stood on a balcony and looked down on the changing patterns. what a great show…

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